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What You Should Know About This Coach

Holy smokes this is my fourth blog post and I have not properly introduced myself! If you have been taking the time to read my posts, THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with a complete stranger you know nothing about. You are AMAZING.

I’m your life coach, Amy.

If you asked me a few years ago what a life coach was, I’d have looked at you with a blank stare. Eventually, I’d of said something like this: I think a life coach is someone who helps people with their lives”. Okay, I was pretty much on target but I had no clue how. It’s the how that matters.

You know that friend…you’re having a bad day and venting. She takes that as her cue to shine her positivity flashlight in your face and starts pointing out all that is going well in your life. Asks you to start naming some things you can be grateful for? Yeah girl that’s me. I was born with a positive attitude and light that refuses to go out. Trust me, people have tried and failed.

Like a lot of people, maybe even you – my past is not pretty, like AT ALL. But, there’s still beauty there. I can find it. There truly wasn’t a moment when “clear headed” Amy thought “well, this is as good as it gets”. Something told me better. No way was this dumpster fire meant for me…my circumstances were made up of other people’s choices with a few sprinkles of mine. I wasn’t going to let other ass hats steal my joy or break my spirit. I was no question about it – made for more.

Sadly, not everybody can believe that about themselves without the proof. Girlfriend, I am the proof – and it takes work.

Just because I have a positive attitude and growth mindset doesn’t mean real change or growth comes easy. Creating new roots is HARD. I had to figure out why I was struggling and in what ways. Turns out my biggest challenge was my thoughts, especially the subconscious ones. Trauma caused by sexual and physical abuse was affecting my present-day. I was oblivious, so I started to pay attention and began to make some corrections.

Listen, we ALL have challenges, hurdles, and barriers. Until you dare to name them, face them, and deal with them…you will continue to spin your wheels.

My hope is to help your journey be a little less difficult and to see your wildest dreams become your day-to-day. I see so many women killing it in SO many areas, have something happen out of the blue, and become totally derailed. 5 steps forward 10 steps back. I want better for you.

I’ve learned that to struggle less and see frequent, lasting results – we have to know ourselves intimately. We need a more positive mindset and a  great love of self. The types of routines and healthy habits that support the life we want. We need to hold ourselves accountable and sometimes rebuild our ENTIRE community. Some relationships gotta go. If these areas of our life aren’t being maintained and taken seriously, we have no real control over them.

Next time you stumble you might just give up. You might pretend your dream was never actually your dream in the first place.


I’m here as your coach to shine my little flashlight into your life and highlight all the good that you’ve already done that you’re doing and that you will do. To pose questions that guide you into a deeper a knowing, relationship, and love of self. To rediscover or create new audacious dreams and help you come up with a clear path towards that. As your coach, I want to support and celebrate with you however needed as you tackle those goals, one at a time. All the while helping you master one of the greatest skills you can have, self-coaching.

I work with BOLD, ambitious women to create the life and balance they desire and deserve at every level; therefor am honored to guide, support, challenge, and cheer for you every step of the way.

And that’s me, your life coach 😊. I can’t wait to get to know you.


  1. Your medicine is positive push! Loving it! Our experiences, trials and tribulations create medicine we give back. Yours is beautiful! I’m learning mine is not the same as yours but your inspiring words are so helpful to my being. Thank you! More to think about!

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