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Imagine you put your winter coat on for the FIRST time this season.  It’s big & fluffy with the faux fur around the hood. You know the one.

You zip that sucker up put your hands in the pockets and feel something. You pull out $100 bill you don’t remember ever having but figure must be something left there from last winter. 

Now imagine you pull out your phone to tell your friend about this weird thing that just happened and see a notification that says SPEND IT ON YOURSELF

Woe. That’s weird. 

After a few minutes of freaking out, you decide okay, fine. Clearly, this was meant for me to find, it’s for sure freaky and probably some elaborate scheme from somebody who loves me and you settle into spending the money on yourself.

You start to think about all things you want.

You know what, screw it. Do that right now as you read. You’re thinking about all the things you want and all the fast ways you could use that $100. 

What’s that look like really? 

  • A massage

  • Nice dinner 

  • A trip to Target 

  • A Movie & a bite

  • Reiki 

  • A facial 

  • Groceries 

  • Gas.

  • That electric bill…

Our brains are alike, we both know those bills are making the list.

What about doing something that can completely transform your life? 

You could take that $100 and have a night out with someone special OR… hear me out… you could invest it in the gift that keeps on giving and purchase something for just yourself.  

What about The Gift?

I’ve put together what I wish I had two decades sooner. A plan & a coach. 

The Gift is a 4-week program that will teach you how self-care changes how we experience life. You’ll learn to prioritize your well-being without feeling guilt, know what you want, need, why and how it helps, AND by the end of just 4-weeks, have a strategy you feel really good as you move forward in your life. 


the Gift

is a transformational journey

It’s normal to have doubts but you really can experience personal transformation in just four weeks. It’s so simple it’s got to be too good to true, but it’s not.

We weren’t taught the significance of prioritizing our well-being. Most of us were conditioned to take care of everyone else first but that’s actually the opposite of what we should do. So together, we spend a month unlearning that and here’s the tools I offer you to use. 

  • 60-minute Self-Care Strategy coaching session with me when you sign up

  • A private platform where you can connect with others working on the same thing
  • Weekly Monday morning pep talks
  • A month of messaged based coaching, normally only offered to weekly coaching clients 

  • Access to Self-Care Simplified 5-day course 
  • 30 days of journaling prompts
  • A Digital Daily self-care oracle deck
  • An opportunity to join our upcoming membership at a very special price
  • And you can gift this to a friend at half price  

Why get The Gift?

There’s really only one reason people sign up for coaching or a course and that’s to get results.  You’re probably wondering how I know I can help you get results if I don’t even know yet what you’re struggling with. That my friend is the power of coaching and the magic of the tools we’ll use.  Creating change isn’t easy, working with a coach makes it suck less and helps whatever change you create, stick.  Trust me, I know… I didn’t have a coach before I created change for myself and that is specifically why I am one now. So that you have the option to not go this alone.

This pricing is only being offered now through the end of December, there’s a limited of spots open because of the coaching element, YES it’s really only $100 and you really can gift this someone for half the cost. Does Etsy have cool shit you know they will love, absolutely but also imagine being gifted this! 

Consider it an over-the-top Holiday Gift from a coach who knows what’s possible for you and has a heart that wants to help. If you need more information, schedule a call here: Book a time  to talk or click that button to pay and get your coaching session booked


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