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The BEST Kind of Influence

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I honestly think I am fabulous and hope you can say that about yourself because I know you are. But have you ever wondered how you got that way? It’s super easy to point out all the flaws and crappy roots but the entire tree wasn’t rotten when I started to grow the new ones. 

So, what about that good fruit, where did that come from, and why I have I always had this thirst for something more?

Well, I was born with it of course but there were seeds planted intentionally by other humans. My grandma Barb was one of the busiest and most invested contributors – hand to heart she has been the most positive influence on my life.

Some of my BEST childhood memories are at my grandparent’s house or happened while I was with them. Both of my grandparents were business owners and my grandma’s tax prep company was attached to their house, so I got to watch her magic first-hand, often. She didn’t just shoo me away, she made space for her grandchildren to use their imagination right there in that office. I think that is where my growth mindset took shape.

Before I get into this let me just lay the foundation of who my Grandma is to me.

Aside from the fact that she’s loving, compassionate, kind, gentle, patient, wise, beautiful, fierce, loves Jesus and reps that love to the world – She’s my hero. Always has been and always will be. 

So, if your reading this Grandma, thank you for guiding me throughout every step of my life. For being the best example imaginable, for showing up every time I needed someone, for reminding me of God’s love and the relationship I could have with Jesus, for loving me through my mistakes, holding me while I sat with my pain, encouraging me, and trusting I’d find my way. I love you in a way I can’t explain and cannot wait to someday tell my grandbabies and GREAT grandbabies about you. 

That needed to happen. We need to tell our loved ones just how special they are – especially when our heart feels tugged to do so. 

Back to the office.

I have vivid memories of digging through a drawer where she kept old tax forms, copies of who knows what, publisher clearing house stamps, and a healthy variety of sample cards. I’d rummage through that drawer, pull out some stuff and drum up a business. There were times I’d pretend to be just like her and prepare what I now know are taxes, teach a class and so much more – all while she worked beside me. 

One time I took all the silverware out of their kitchen and created a little store. She and my grandpa bought it all back. They filled my little plastic food storage container full of the change and drove me to a little general store. I bought what I thought at the time was LOADS of penny candy.

I was one happy little girl, I remember that feeling. My first real business venture was a complete-success!

It only recently dawned on me the seeds she had planted. I always had drawn the line between her and my faith or security but now I see it was so much more. My grandma allowed and inspired growth. She loved watching us create and play. She created a space for her grandchildren that nearly made it impossible to not dream. What a gift, what a grandma!  

I know we all didn’t all have that to this extent and for that, I am so sorry. We all deserved my grandma in one shape or form. What I do know is you to have good fruit too and I have faith you also have been inspired by good people.

Was it a teacher, an aunt, or family friend?

We work to become self-aware when we’re challenged, struggle, or aren’t seeing positive results so what about the good parts? I challenge you to connect the dots.

Take some time this week and answer these questions:

  • What are a few things you have achieved in your life so far you are MOST proud of?
  • What are 5 things you are most grateful for?
  • Who are the people that have had a positive influence in your life or who in your personal life do you admire?
  • What are their top qualities?
  • In what ways did they inspire, challenge, or teach you?
  • How does this show up in your life today?

I would LOVE to hear what you discover and guess what – so will they, whoever they are. Reach out and spread the love, gratitude, and share the story. You might be surprised to learn they had NO IDEA the influence they have had on your journey. 

Lots of Love,

Your Coach – Amy


  1. So Amy has been a friend of mine since I first decided to walk up and talk to the new girl in school at lunch. Just recently I had called her and vented on my life and she shot strait to the point… I needed a schedule and my kids needed chores… I contemplated it for a while but figured what could it hurt to try a little more routine in my life…. We started Monday and wow, my house has never stayed clean like this before!!?? My kids are doing chores willingly!! And now after 3 days it looks like I’m going to be able to start tweaking this new found schedule and have time for me!!?? What?? That simple push to schedule out my day and make up some simple chores is doing wonders in 3 days!!! She knows what she is talking about here! I am so happy right now that I am finally going to end up with time to do my things and not feel like I’m putting my house, chores or family aside! ❤

    1. Sarah first of all – you are the KINDEST and always have been. Secondly – This is AWESOME news! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. I would have NO idea the impact of our conversation had without you telling me, so thank you. Best GIFT ever is telling people the beautiful things they add to your life.

  2. Agree we all need someone like grandma in our lives! The most impactful relationships I have had in my life were with the elder women who came into mine and taught me, created a positive environment for learning. Thank you for reminding us to be appreciative of those lessons and mimic them to the next generation.

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