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Stop Talking Smack: 3 Step Simple Affirmation Practice

Are you talking smack when no one’s listening? 

I’m FRESH out of a coaching session and on fire. Stop talking smack about my sisters! I’m talking about you, talking bad about you. 

Yes, you.

Remember that time you went to grab that double stuffed goodness from the cookie aisle and put them back on the shelf because (insert insult). Or how about that time you did your make-up to meet your girlfriends out for dinner only to take it ALL OFF 5 minutes before heading out. Um… remember that one time you ALMOST put your name in the hat for that promotion? Don’t’ even get me started about what’s happening in front of that mirror every morning.

It’s just mean and if I catch wind about it happening in your head, I’m coming to your defense.

Still following?

If you are not paying attention to your thoughts, it’s high time you start. You need to know what you’re speaking over yourself. Your thoughts have far too much control to be running all wild and unruly. And if your self-aware game is tight but you find yourself talking all types of terrible to yourself, it’s time you change that story. The one you might be accidently telling hurts.

It hurts your feelings, your self-esteem, your confidence, your mindset, your personal growth, your relationships, quality of life, your wellness… I could go on & on. Your thoughts have the MOST influence over you. Say it again for the people in the back I think they aren’t listening. Your thoughts have the MOST influence over you. You need to be paying attention to what you are saying.

If you’re like 95% of us, you’ve got some work to do. Don’t’ fact check me, this is a fictitious number meant to be dramatic… Work sounds hard but this isn’t hard at all. It just takes a little effort and the commitment to follow-through.

You got 5 minutes a day? GOOD… Grab a pen, paper, and some post-its. Get fancy if you’re a crafting queen or get scrappy like me if you’ve got none of that… can someone bring me the tape?  


REVERSE THAT SHIT NEGATIVE SELF TALK! Here are my THREE Steps to an Affirmation Practice.

  1. Start by being self-aware and honest about your thoughts. Focus on a few negative thoughts/beliefs you notice consistently So if you’re treating yourself like garbage every time you step out of the shower and catch a glimpse in the mirror, maybe add that to the list.

         Choose about 5 to start with – I’d personally go with the ones that hurt me the most.

  1. Now take those negative beliefs and FLIP them by finding the healthy belief that gives you a positive feeling. Using the examples I listed above instead of saying “that’s disgusting” when you look in the mirror, change that to belief to I’m beautiful or I’m Strong or whatever feeling you want to replace that feeling with.  That was me all day long and sometimes still on a bad day.
  1. Write out these new beliefs as affirmations Here’s a little guidance:
    • Write them as I am statements
    • Use present tense
    • Keep them simple and clear
    • Make them believable – using my example if “I Am Smoking Hot Naked is too unbelievable because it feels too far away from how you feel today, start with I am STRONG or I am WOMEN or I am KIND to myself.
    • Write them on post-it’s or papers and stick them in places you frequent
    • Follow through – When I work on my mindset in this way, I’d put my affirmations on my bedroom and bathroom mirrors and repeat them 5x EVERY time I noticed them, but at LEAST three times a day.

If you’re the type that goes all in, go all in. Add subconscious affirmations to your sleep routine.

Earlier in my growth journey (and by earlier, I mean about a 3.5years back), I went to sleep EVERY night listening to something. I couldn’t hear the words behind the music but guess what? When I woke up and looked at my affirmation and stood in my mirror and said, “I am worthy of Love” and later “I am open to receive love” I meant it with my whole heart.

So, what do you have to lose, five minutes and a few post-its? If your talking smack to the MOST important person room, yourself – start an affirmation practice today.

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