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5 Steps to a Routine that doesn’t Suck

A few years ago I got serious about my morning routine. I could kick myself for waiting so long because routines are really helpful when it comes to personal growth and development. Kind of feel like I heard that before and was a bit late to the party. Maybe you were too…

If you’ve been following me a few months, you know I’m new to all of this business stuff. Recently, my routine started failing me. I work a corporate job full time, knew diddly squat about how to set up or run an online business, and don’t get me started on email marketing or social media. Long story short – this girl was out of her element, time escaped me, and I started making sacrifices I wouldn’t settle for.

Back to the drawing board I went.

It turns out routines aren’t just for your morning. It can be an all-day thing when that’s what you need and it turns out, that’s exactly what I need.

So, grab your favorite pen and notebook that excites you. I’s time to take notes.

Here are my 5 steps to a Routine that doesn’t suck.

Step 1: Reflect and write out your Personal Guiding Principles. “wait, what?” Basically, what I’m asking you to do is determine the rules that you choose to live by. To start, try and come up with 5-10. Below are a few of mine.

  • I set boundaries in EVERY relationship
  • I have a zero-tolerance policy for racial inequality and social injustice
  • My faith will not waiver, but my understanding of my creator can.
  • No is always an option.

Step 2: Determine what you need to be your best self while you’re creating the life you desire for future you. Here’s a little of my work.

  • Things that bring me joy: Walking, Piano, Poetry, GOOD food, Time with family
  • Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit:
Nutritious Meals
Devotions / Prayer

Step 3. Decide on and create your daily commitments. 

Step 4. Brain-Storm! How can you take all of those commitments and turn them into actions? Write out all the actions you can take that support those commitments 

Step 5. Map it out and create the routines that support those actions.

Listen, this works! I went from a really well ran morning routine to to a full blown plan that includes a Daily Work Flow and Evening Wind-Down. Yes, I named my routines they are that important to me.

I wish I could sit down with you RIGHT now and help you through your process but until then – I hope this little video helps or at least gives you some inspiration to start yours.

Till then,

Your Coach, Amy


  1. Thanks for the kind comment!!! I did build this website myself and do design each blog post myself – I use WordPress with Astra as my Theme. Being that every little thing I do as a complete newbie takes a lot of work your comment is highly appreciated. Best of luck to you!

    1. Your vid showing your notebook made me giggle. So you! with your notebook and pen! Love it. Best advice. Write it down. Make it happen.

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