Are you harder on yourself than you are on other people? 

I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say yeah you are. How do I know? Well, I too am human and SAME. However, personal growth isn’t perfect and you’re not perfect. Sometimes we’re gonna miss the mark.  In today’s episode we’re giving ourselves the grace we deserve instead of a lot of negative self-talk because that’s what its gonna take to keep moving forward.

A few nuggets to reflect on…

  •  Not completing something is not a failure, not starting…that is the failure
  • Sometimes you will disappoint yourself or others and it’s going to be okay
  • Focusing on what you didn’t accomplish wont’ get you the results you want. 

Go to where you listen the most.

If building community is important to you too, you are going to love this! 


We’re building a community that brings together women (she/her/hers) to build the relationships, practices, and habits we crave but feel nearly impossible to achieve on our own so that we connect on a meaningful level while developing the systems that support sustainable growth in an environment that empowers us to all rise together. 

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