Why personal coaching?

You don’t have to wait for things to change, you can love your life now

Hey, I see you there and I know that look. It’s the “I’m tired of being sick and tired, done with feeling stuck, and really wish I didn’t feel so freaking alone”, look.

As a trauma-informed life & wellness coach who has gone from accepting that this is as it gets to living an empowered life I love, I promise you this: Change is possible and you’re the one who’ll create it.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

I help people just like you to build the beliefs & practices that empower them to experience the transformation they need to live a life they LOVE! And I have to be honest here, it’s freaking amazing. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you have been, there is nothing you can’t do or achieve. All it takes is belief in the possibility, a willingness to stay curious, and the guts to move with intention.

You came to get results and I’m here to help you do exactly that… with ease. 


Make Peace With The Past

Even after personal healing we can still feel at war with our past. I'll show you a few ways to kick the limitations our trauma & shitty circumstances create, to the curb... See ya later self-sabotage.

Love & Accept Yourself

It's hard to dream or see beyond our current self-beliefs. Deepen your appreciation, understanding, and love of self through the type of work that has you examine and rebuild from the center.

Live An Empowered Life you love

Don't wait for your life circumstances or other people to change. You can create a beautiful life experiences despite all you can't control in it. PS... you're going to learn there's more you can control then you can't.

Personal Coaching, A Process That Works!
Most people sign up for personal coaching for two reasons – They either want to create change and have struggled doing so by themselves or they have worked with a coach before and loved their results. 

Here’s what You’re probably wondering –  how I know I can help you if I don’t even know yet what you’re struggling with. That my friend is the power of coaching and the magic of the tools we’ll use to make it happen.

I don’t need to know ahead of time.

Creating change doesn’t usually feel easy and that’s why so many of us struggle, but this time it will be different.  Working with a personal coach regardless of what they specialize in, can help whatever change you create, to stick.  Trust me, I know… I didn’t have a coach before I created change for myself and that is specifically why I am one now. So that you have the option to not go this alone.

You’re about to do something big and it’s an absolute privilege  support you in that journey. 


If you want to...

Improve your self-concept

Self-concept influences everything about us. Everything we do, what we believe, even what we achieve. But it’s also fluid. When how we value and view ourselves shifts in a more positive direction, we become the version of ourselves we always intended to be. 

Build Confidence

Low self-confidence will keep us stuck, stagnant, and full of regret. But white-knuckling the shit and pushing through doesn’t lead to a more confident you, it leads to an over-active nervous system and frankly feels awful. My approach to building confidence comes from a place of love and leads to results that stick. 

Prioritize your wellness

How you feel matters MOST but so often our wellness is neglected for all types of different reasons that seem super legitimate. Truth is, most decisions we make are in pursuit of feeling better, even when it comes to taking care of those we love most. So while I help you build a wellness plan you actually want to go to daily, we tackle what stops us too. 

Create what you crave

Knowing what you want is step one of creating what you crave. Giving yourself permission to do exactly that is a whole other ball game. If you’re anything like me (a living breathing human) you have probably been conditioned to believe what you can and cannot have, or achieve. Not only can you quickly become clear about the life experience you want, you’ll create it.

I can help with that and SO much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Making this as short and sweet as possible: A life coach is a professional whose main objective is to empower you in various area’s so that you see progress and obtain results you otherwise have struggled with.  Basically, my job is to help you become clear on where you are in your journey, determine what you want to work towards, and then help you to create a path that will help you get there with the most success.

Here’s how: I help you see your brain,  provide unbiased support, guidance, tools, accountability, techniques, and calls to action that promote real sustainable progress.

This is made possible only through one’s commitment to self-development.

Anyone and everyone. Basically anyone struggling to obtain their desired results and see’s the value in being supported by someone who has. Below are a few examples:

  • Transition – life or professional
  • Wellbeing
  • Personal or Professional Goals
  • Self-development
  • Awareness
  • One’s desire to find balance – avoid  the dreaded burnout.
  • Relationships

And so many more!

Absolutely not. A life coach doesn’t counsel you in the way therapist would. A coach might challenge you to become more self-aware, suggest tools and be of support, but does not diagnose or treat mental health disorders or symptoms. The focus for a coach is really to empower you to accomplish what YOU WANT for your present and future self. I honestly support working with both. 

Most people become a life coach because they have a calling on their heart to help others achieve results in their life and want to share how they have made this happen for themselves. Below are some steps a person can take to become a professional life coach. 

Because coaching is not regulated, certification is not required. However, you will find many coaches have earned certification. All though that does not prove they are a quality coach, it does show they are invested in some type of professional training and perhaps continued education on a consistent basis.

A consultant is hired because they have the answers and are expected to provide them, a coach is hired to empower and support you as you look inward to find the answers and results for yourself.

Both coach and consultant are a valuable resource but a coach use strategies and techniques to pull to the surface truths and understandings that can be used across every area of life. As a personal growth mentor with a clients permission, I do a little of both.

When you sign up for personal 1:1 coaching we work together for an entire year and meet on a weekly basis. Most clients see massive progress or get results within the first few months but a year gives you time to have a few set backs and get back up and prove to yourself you got this shit. The current rate for that is $3996 with monthly payment options that total up to this same rate. But this is not the only way to be supported and receive coaching. Roots Change is personal growth membership community and every client has access to biweekly coaching & tools there. 

Interested In Coaching?

Schedule a Consult

In order for you to decide whether or not working with a coach is the next best step, I’d like to give you the opportunity of experience coaching with me, first-hand. During this 60 minute call, we go all in so that you walk away with clarity and feel really good about your decision – regardless of what it is. I want you to get the results you want and am excited to help you see what’s possible.

Not sure what to expect?

I totally get that. Hopping on a coaching call with someone new can feel intimidating and even weird. My style of coaching is laid-back and to the point.  this session will go quick and be high impact. Show up with an open mind, come ready to be coached through something specific, and expect a breakthrough.  Side note… always have a paper and pen close. 

Experience Coaching

This is not just a "get to know me" consult call. You are about to experience the power of coaching and then decide if you're ready to commit.

Full Transparency

In order help you get the results you want, I hold nothing back. I believe in the power of personal transformation and know it only happens when someone is willing to point out the blind spots.

No Pressure

This is a 60-min. coaching consult with absolutely no strings attached, not a high pressured sales call. When you leave our call you will feel good about your decision no matter what it is. This is about you gaining some insights on what's stopping you from getting results and finding out for yourself if working with a coach is the next best step.

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