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Personal Coaching

Working with a coach shouldn’t be a luxury. If you’re serious about making big changes, I’m here to support you in that journey.  


As a private client, each session is as individualized as you are. I create unique opportunities for you to experience growth and transformation based on what you’re working through & where you are in your journey in the most helpful, loving way I can. 

As an enneagram 8, plan to be challenged in the best type of way.

I’m a  straightforward, compassionate woman on a mission to help as many people as possible go from “this is as good as it gets” to an empowered life they love and I know I’m not the best choice of coach for everyone. 

It’s worth finding out if I’m the right coach for you.


Personal Growth


Personal Transformation Might Not Be Exactly What You’re Expecting. It’s often A Lot of Hard Work, Requires Growing Through Some Stuff And Sometimes Looks Like this.

  • No longer settling for less than you deserve  want
  • Self-Acceptance & Love
  • Expanding Spiritually
  • Building Self-Esteem and letting go of low self-worth
  •  Learning how to manage your mind (yes that is a thing… like the BIGGEST thing)
  • Creating & aligning to your most authentic self
  • Allowing yourself to dream 
  • Having a vision for your life you’re connected to  
  • Building the habits and practices that support the person you’re becoming
  • Daring to go after the goals that freak you the hell out

These are just a few area’s I  experienced transformation in my life and felt called to help others do the same.

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Life Coaching Packages

Choose whatever plan sounds right for you in this leg of the journey. There are all types of way for you to get results in the specific areas you want to experience them the most. Regardless of what path you choose, it all comes down to you taking action and continuously following through.

Meeting with a personal life coach on a weekly basis, even if only for a short time has some solid benefits. Don’t take my word for it, ask around. 

rarely hear someone say, “coaching is the absolute worst”. I’d like to say never, but let’s be real – there are definitely people who should not be coaching. We find that in every field. So, by all means shop around.  When someone signs up to work with me, I want them to be busting the seams with excitement. 

This might be the right plan if…

  • Aren’t completely sure yet about your next chapter
  • Ready to dig deep (aka don’t beat around the bush, let’s get to work)
  • Want to experience coaching before committing to a program
  • Like the flexibility of choosing your coaching frequency 
  • Going through a transition
  • Been tipping your toes in personal growth & ready to take a plunge
  • A Bazillion other reasons 


That’s me, so what do I get?

I thought you’d never ask. Aside from some serious clarity, accountability, support, partnership, encouragement, growth opportunities, and feedback or advice when you really need it…this.

  • Eight High-value weekly  30-minute coaching sessions
  • Access to Coach Convo – My Message-based coaching service
  • Post-coaching growth challenges and call to actions
  • Accountability, ongoing support, and encouragement

Current Coaching Programs

There are at LEAST two major things I’ve gotten pretty right when it comes to creating my own empowered life I love. Sustainable Growth & Not letting shit stop me.  I’ve taken what I’ve learned (and continue to be educated on because ya’ll this doesn’t stop) and thoughtfully created two in-depth coaching programs for your journey. 

An all-inclusive, all hands on deck approach to coaching to help you see progress fast

  • 6-12 week programs (check current enrollment)
  • Weekly 1-hour online coaching sessions
  • Session Wrap-ups that summarize our time, highlight major break through’s
  • Personalized call to actions and challenges
  • A unique road map built together with clear milestones to get you to the next BIG thing along the journey.


Time to plant some new roots. Work through key areas that hold us back or launch us toward growth. Through hands-on content centered around this exploration and 12 individual weekly client-focused coaching sessions, you can safely navigate these somewhat uncharted waters and experience the transformation you need to live the empowered life you want.

From Stuck to Unstoppable

Are you working towards a goal or transformation but find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard spot? In this 6 session, 1:1 virtual coaching program you will become clear on any thoughts, patterns, or behaviors holding you back and create your unique path to unstoppable.

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Not sure yet if coaching is right for you or want to experience it first hand before you choose? I get that!

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