More on Message Based Coaching

How does message based coaching work?

To put it simply, through text, audio, or video message during business hours.  I’m sure you have questions.

When should I message? Well, whenever you feel like my support would be of value.

  • If you’re feeling frustrated or struggling
  • Have a question
  • When you’re excited and want to celebrate with someone who get’s it.
  • Looking for guidance or perspective
  • Want accountability
  • Need clarity
  • Have thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back

How often is too often: Probably way more than you’re thinking so stop thinking about it and message me.

When should I expect a response: I respond during messaging hours which are between 8 AM and 7 PM Monday through Saturday and you can expect a response within 2 hours of reaching out. Please note – you can reach out after hours and I’ll get back to you the next day.

How do we talk? This plan was designed to meet your needs, so technically we can talk on messenger or any platform like that but I prefer Telegram and will ask you to download it. It’s by far the most secure.

What if I want to add online coaching sessions? Um, smart move! This service is best paired WITH sessions so that we can DIG deep and work together in between sessions as things come up. Unfortunately, if you have the Coach Convo plan only – you have to wait for the next month to start to add coaching.

DISCLAIMER: I only work with a handful of clients at a time, so if you love any of these coaching services be sure to set them up so they re-occur monthly.



 Want a few pro tips?

If you’ve never experienced life coaching, you probably aren’t sure what to expect. That’s why ALL new clients get a free mini sesh with their purchase of the Coach Convo plan. I’ll take a few minutes to break the ice and walk you through the process.  I want to kick it off from a place of ease and understanding of what this is, how I can help and how you can move forward in away that helps you get the best possible outcome.


If you aren’t sure, ask. Seriously. This is by far one of the best suggestions I can make. I happen to deal with anxiety and there was a time it was almost paralyzing. I pretty much second guessed and over analyzed EVERYTHING. So, when it comes to our coaching – if you have a question instead of wondering, ask.


Take advantage of what you purchased. You want support, encouragement, guidance, and all the benefits you can experience through coaching right? Well, babe – you’ve got to be open, honest, and ready to act or you will waste all your dollars.


Get a few fun notebooks that make you feel good when you look at them. Sounds silly but it’s not. A HUGE part of coaching is me responding to you with questions. My motive is to help you gain clarity, experience breakthrough, and progress. In all cases I can think of that starts by looking within and guided journaling is a go-to. Also, I love notebooks and welcome fun covers messages. Call it inspiration.


If you can, add coaching sessions. Don’t get me wrong, this service is fab and packs a lot of value, or I wouldn’t offer it. But… sessions are next level.

When messaging based coaching is added to the tail-end of a premium program or combined with a monthly coaching plan it provides day to day maintenance and ongoing support. During live coaching sessions, your conversation might be led into directions you didn’t expect, and often is where someone experiences a revelation or an epiphany. So if you can swing it next time, I’d go for the gold.

I hope this helped 😊