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How to set goals you WANT to go after

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Well, it’s happened.

I’m getting bombarded with all the 2021 planning tools. Delete, delete, de – wait…this one I might like. SAVE.

Before you get sucked in by the flashy headlines and intricate planning products, do what you can to avoid the whole deer in the headlights look.

There’s a reason you struggled to achieve your goal(s) this year and I don’t think it was the planner. Actually, it DEFINITELY was NOT the planner.

It was probably just the goal.

Why beat yourself by wrestling with a goal that was never meant to be yours?

Here’s what I’m not saying. I’m not saying your goals suck nor am I claiming you don’t “care” about them. It’s mid-November & that means planning season, personally & professionally.

|I’m suggesting you weigh the value of your goals against your dreams and ideals.

Take 20 seconds to reflect on the past year and how it relates to the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you’re not feeling super satisfied with the result’s, there a good chance that goal falls into one of these categories.

  1. You’re not attached to it
  2. It’s not actually YOUR goal
  3. It doesn’t excite you
  4. Just isn’t worth the work

Goals pulled directly out of YOUR dreams are goals you WANT to go after.

When we allow ourselves to dream and choose goals based off our dreams – it’s magic. Even when we aren’t in the place we believe fully it will happen.

By saying YES to the dream by giving it the guts to act, you allow your dreams to begin to take on color.

That goal suddenly feels exciting, meaningful, and personal.

The key word here is FEEL.

Goals that aren’t attached to the right meaning don’t create the right feelings

Look at from this perspective. When goals are attached to how you think you ought to look vs how you want to feel, where are you drawing your motivation from?

Um…probably negative self-talk and cruel comparison.

If you dream of feeling strong and confident and then wrap your goal around the activities that create those type of results, that goal suddenly FEELS different.

Replacing a goal to lose 30 pounds with feeling STONG and CONFIDENT leads to a better mindset & more positive & kind thoughts about that goal. Thoughts that build your self-esteem instead of damage it.

And that my love muffin, helps you approach this goal game in a new way.

It leads to you feeling strong & confident as you work towards achieving that specific goal. You can’t even argue this one with me, this was ripped from my life and has been my genuine experience.

But Amy, my goals are related to my body image – I want to buy a house in a couple years – your example doesn’t even relate…

Oh, I got you – I can go all day.

When you allow yourself to envision being a homeowner, set small goals that will help you get there quick. One at a time you’ll start crossing those suckers off.

As you do, your confidence builds. Maybe allow yourself to live that dream before the ultimate goals achieved by having audacity to start strolling the Home Depot flooring isles.  How do you think that’s going to make you feel about the goals that get you there the quickest?

Um…pretty damn fantastic.

You’ll probably put down the random plant in your basket and head out the store with nothing but them lawn bags – you got money goals to crush babe!

Goals you pull from YOUR dreams excite you, motivate you, and when your making progress towards them – build confidence.


As your confidence builds your dream experiences expansion.  That my friend builds the right kind of anticipation. That emotion creates the type of excitement that keeps you going when its hard.

And it will be. Goals are always hard – they take work.

Work takes effort and effort takes us being self-motivated, dedicated, and disciplined. Guess what won’t get you over the hump when your struggling? It won’t be that $65 planner your thinking about buying. And I love a good planner so choose to get the most value out of mine by dreaming before I start writing in my goals.  

The ambition to see progress towards your goals has to be pulled from within.

This year, I’m suggesting you dream before you set them & measure them against your ideal self. Allow you blessed imagination you were so graciously gifted to run wild.  It will never fail you.


Your Coach – Amy

If dreaming or envisioning your future self feels hard – you’re not alone. 

I was definitely there and so are about ¾ of the people you surround yourself with. Don’t feel bad or frustrated. Acknowledge this very common struggle and take steps to overcome that barrier. You can actually take one right now. I’m still working out the details but feel inspired after writing this blog. So inspired I’ve collaborated and come up with a plan.

Take this one step further by joining me & the amazing Nikki Hall on Sunday, December 6th at 2pm EST. for a FREE online workshop.

A virtual space where you and other women come together for a soulful experience as we work through this very topic.  

All you need is an open mind, a pen and notepad – easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

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