Are you making excuses and believing them as truths?

It’s actually pretty easy to do and we often don’t even realize that we are. We confuse these excuses with truths and once we do, well…we hang onto them. Protect them. In today’s episode, you’ll be challenged to expose your excuses, pick up on their “cues”  and explore why you’re making them in the first place.  

A few nuggets to reflect on…

  • Limitations are not excuses
  • Cues for my excuses are occasions I find myself defending, blaming, or justifying
  • It’s easy to confused a cant’s with a won’t
  • Common excuse culprits:  our mindset, our limiting beliefs, what we actually think we can do and accomplish and deserve (aka unresolved pain or trauma)

Go to where you listen the most

If you want to take conversations like this a step further, there’s a space waiting for you. Join me and other growth-minded women on our journey in a private group setting.

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