Who do you love, most?

That question packs a lot of punch. When I realized I was launching this podcast just a few weeks before Valentine’s, I knew I’d go fight for the gold.  How could Not talk about love? Maybe in a way you’re not really used to, even better. 

Self-love. ❤️


In this episode, we focus on the idea of self-love. Why the relationship with yourself matters the most, and you’re even encouraged to take a few steps towards strengthening your own. 

So if you’ve got a few minutes and you’re not driving – this is a good time to grab a pen and paper. Such a ‘coachy’ thing to say. Well, what can I say? You’re welcome?

A few nuggets to reflect on…


  • The golden rule only works when people know how they want to be treated, treat themselves that way. Hint, hint.
  • Our relationship with self takes daily maintenance. Think of self-love or self-care practices.
  • Self-love requires us to question and work through our limiting beliefs, especially the ones in conflict with love
  • An act of self-love could be setting personal boundaries, not just for yourself, but for others.

If you want to take conversations like this a step further, there’s a space waiting for you. Join me and other growth-minded women on our journey in a private group setting

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