How do you decide when somethings worth pursing?

When we’re feeling really on top of things, we weigh the pros and the cons and then make a decision. It happens so quickly we sometimes don’t even know we’re doing it. It’s basically brain magic. But what about when it comes to making changes, personal changes that help us grow? 

Um… not always so easy. 


This episode is dedicated to helping us all push a little further in our own personal growth journey. We’re talking about something I don’t hear too many people mentioning: The Cost-Benefit of Growth. 

A few nuggets to reflect on…


  • When we grow or make a positive change that leads to growth, we got to give something up.

  • That “thing” might have become so normal to you that you don’t believe you can. 

  • If somethings popping up in your mind right now, start there.

I spy an opportunity to use intention, do you?

  • What’s will you lose if you don’t take action?
  • What do you gain if you do?
  • What will it cost you to take action?
  • How do you benefit by doing nothing at all.

Go where you enjoy to listen the most.

And last but certainly not least 

If you want to take conversations like this a step further, there’s a space waiting for you. Join me and other growth-minded women on our journey in a private group setting. 

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