The truth about personal growth is, we don’t always know we can. 

You might be scratching your head right now wondering just what kind of nonsense you’re hearing, everyone knows they can grow…right? Well, wrong. Not everyone believes it’s true for them and that my friend is why I’m here. 

In today’s episode I expose a few truths I had to accept before I could really begin to move forward in my own growth journey. So, whether you’re hearing these truths for the first time or it’s old news: there’s no time like the present for little self-reflection.  

What do these truths mean to you?

A few nuggets to reflect on:

  • Your circumstance does not have to change for you to
  • You have control over how you feel
  • The story other people write for you is complete trash
  • Roots don’t change themselves  

Go where you enjoy to listen the most.

If you want to take conversations like this a step further, there’s a space waiting for you. Join me and other growth-minded women on our journey in a private group setting

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