Are you craving more connection?

Personal connection is so much a part of our human experience and for a long time I felt like I was doing it all wrong.

I could be surrounded by many and feel completely lonely. Sound familiar? 

We use all the reasons to explain why it’s hard but while the words come out so many of us are grieving what we don’t think we have. What we might think is out of reach, or we don’t even deserve.

In today’s episode, I’m laying out the right set of questions and steps to help you, find yours.

A few nuggets to reflect on… 

  •  Before you begin to seek out new relationships it’s best to really understand where’re you’re going in your own life by becoming clear on who you are becoming.
  • Be clear on what you actually want in your future and in your relationships.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to recognize what we don’t want for ourselves or in our
    relationships than it is to understand really what we do. 
  • Have boundaries and understand exactly what you will and won’t accept and be prepared and
    willing to let go.
  • Drop any excuses that might be holding you back. The things you tell yourself as to why new relationships are hard to make.

Go to where you listen the most

If building community is important to you too, you are going to love this! 

We’re building a community that brings together women (she/her/hers) to build the relationships, practices, and habits we crave but feel nearly impossible to achieve on our own so that we connect on a meaningful level while developing the systems that support sustainable growth in an environment that empowers us to all rise together. 

It’s free, you won’t find us on social media, and it’s coming soon!

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