Do you recognize the power of your words? 

Words that describe the state we’re in – like busy stressed, and overwhelmed, can play over in our minds like a story. Overtime, we begin accepting this story as truth. Sometimes, to the point we actually become stuck. 

So if we’re not really busy, stressed, or overwhelmed what are we?

In today’s episode, I’ll give you a little perspective on how I manage my own mind. A few stories and an introduction to the power of our thoughts and what it might mean if we just got clear on what was really happening.

A few nuggets to reflect on… 

  • Thoughts create feelings → Feelings influence our actions (or inactions) → Our actions determine our results. 
  • Words we use to describe how we’re feeling mean nothing until we decide they mean something
  • When you’re feeling an undesirable feeling, like overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated or too busy – ask your self why. You might just pull up something that’s keeping you stuck.

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