I feel like part of being human is sometimes lacking self-belief.

We’re probably born with it.

Of course, we are. We are born whole, our highest self, and then life happens. Experiences, environments, traumas.  Somewhere between who we are and who we are, we forget what we’re capable of. 

This is Roots Change, a podcast about personal growth, possibility, change, and transformation.  So if you’re one of those people that looks at how others are living their lives and think to yourself, people don’t change. Well, they do. And Megan Alexis is about to show you exactly what you can achieve when you decide enough is enough. .


Meet Today's Guest


Hi, I’m Mandy

I was a functioning cocaine addict for 16 years, and now 3 years clean. My relationship with drugs started way before that though. At 12 I tried weed for the first time, by 14-15 I was experimenting with mushrooms and acid and by 16 ecstasy was added to the list, all these mixed with alcohol…   

I have completely reinvented myself, my mind, body heart and soul and I am now a successful entrepreneur that recently moved to Costa Rica and I’m here to share my story of how I got from there to here. 
I want to share tools I’ve learned, I want to share my experiences and be an example to ppl that they to can change unhealthy habits and mindset,  no matter how long they have had them for and create the life they desire.
I want to inspire and help motivate people to heal, grow and live healthy and happy lives.  💖
Here’s where to find her ⬇

Are you Joining Us?

And last but not least, if you have a dream or desire you’ve been afraid to explore or say out loud, I’m inviting you to Affirm It Scared!  Join us for a “spooky” hour on Sunday, October 23rd at 2 PM. ET.

Let’s Finally face the scary shit we want but ignore AND learn why, together.

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