Have you ever lost sight of yourself? 


Like, just started living or behaving in a way that you didn’t even recognize or like? I’ve been there. I lived in that place for a really long time. We probably all have been there to a degree at some point in our lives. I mean hey, we’re all human and life is messy and confusing… full of contrast.  Sometimes how we process life gets the best of us. 

Maybe that’s where you are now. 

If so, today’s message is a pep talk specifically for you. 

An invitation to remember who you are. Without all the bullshit beliefs of other people, without their opinions, without the experiences that created negative emotions, without the painful past.  

Because who you are is pure. Who you are is whole. Who you are is AMAZING. 

I’m Amy, a life coach, and personal growth mentor. You’re listening to Roots Change,  a grow with me podcast. Yep. I’m willing to share my journey in hopes it helps you in yours. Today I want to talk about remembering who you are. What does that even mean? What does it mean to remember who you are? I’m me and your, you. life is full of contrast. It’s full of people. It’s full of circumstances, events that happen too, or around us, and how we perceive our reality can change how we perceive ourselves, what And so remembering ourselves means remembering just who we are. Remembering who we are at our core, with everything else removed. When we are young, we are a hundred percent ourselves before we can talk. We are without doubt ourselves. We’re awesome. We’re amazing. And then we grow and we get to start molding our imagination into tangible things and experiences and stories. And we start living this experience. We get to start sharing ourselves with other people. Maybe that’s where the change starts to happen. I don’t know. It could also be the event that we experience that starts to change how we see ourselves. And eventually, year after year after year of things happening, opinions changing about who we are and what we believe, and what we can achieve… we start to lose sight of ourselves. We never lose ourselves because we are connected to ourselves, to our inner being. And no matter what happens in life, we can never fully disconnect from that truth of who we are. Because it’s you and it’s me and we’re living and breathing. And that means we can remember. So when I say, remember who you are, I mean, remember you. Remember you without all the bullshit beliefs of other people, without the opinions, without the experiences that created negative emotion, without pain. Remember who you are when you believed in other people. Remember who you are, like the part of you that used to dream, the part of you that would actually consider eating mud. The part of you that would make salads out of dandelions and grass and weeds. The part of you that would talk to yourself as you rode the bike down the street . The part of you that got ready for your very first date and was like shaking and nervous. The part of you that wasn’t full of rejection, the part of you that accepted yourself fully. That’s what I mean when I say, remember who you are. It took me a long time to remember who I am. Now I say we never fully lose sight of ourself because when I was in some of my most painful, most traumatic moments when I was in super abusive relationships I could hear myself. I could hear a little voice inside my head saying no matter how far you go, you’re never too far gone. I remember hurting in such a moment of pain and hearing or feeling… I can’t explain what it was, myself telling myself, remember who you are. This isn’t it. You are loved. You are love. You are special. I never lost that.. But the noise inside my head and the people around me and the life that I was experiencing really drowned it out. And sometimes I felt disconnected from myself. And so when I say, remember who you are, I’m saying reconnect to yourself. How we do that looks very different for each of us. How I did it was through healing trauma. When I say healing, trauma, what I meant, what I really am telling you is for me, it took, accepting myself, forgiving myself, loving myself. When I did that, everything in my life started to change. Everything. And now I remember who I am and I get to become a new version of her, a more tuned, aligned version of her, every day. Most of the time .Sometimes, my mind gets muddled. Sometimes the noise gets a little too loud and sometimes my brain is highly unruly and I start to disconnect from myself again. But I always come back to her. To me. So when I say to you, whoever might be listening at the other end of. mic, the other end of the device you are using, I’m saying, listen, friend. Remember who you are remember who you are. There is nothing you can’t do. NOTHING. I don’t know why this just felt like such a pressing matter for me. I’m in the process of making myself lunch right now but I couldn’t. I was thinking about this so much that I was grating the cheese with like a hand grater graded the top of my knuckle. When I did that I said, okay, Amy, I hear you. And I’m going to say this to somebody. Because while I was doing all this, I kept singing a song in my head that came to me for no fucking reason at all. It just was there. I’m not in a moment where I feel disconnected from myself. I’m not in a moment where I need to remind myself to remember who I am, but something inside me feels that somebody listening needs to remember who they are. And this is the song that’s on my heart for you. I gotta be honest with you. I feel a little silly. I feel a little vulnerable right now. I feel a little weird. I’m having compassion for those feelings because they’re normal feelings. I’m about to sing a song on my heart for you, who I cannot see and don’t know who you are or why you need to hear it. My mind is offering me all types of thoughts about what you might think. She’s fucking weird, for one! Like, there you go. Just showed you my brain. That’s one of the thoughts, but it doesn’t matter. This is what you need to hear and I’m gonna share it with you. if I can remember it. Don’t forget who you are. You are a star and you shine so brightly. Don’t forget who you are. You are not that far from remembering and that’s it. This has been playing in my, my head and my mind, and through my mouth for the last 20 ish minutes. I remember the part of me who really needed to hear that. And because I remember that part of me that really would’ve benefited from somebody singing that to me, somebody speaking those words to me, I couldn’t not share it. It took a cheese grater to my knuckle to get me to do. isn’t that strange? I’m becoming more of who I am every day. I’m learning to trust myself more. Every day I’m allowing myself to be guided by my guidance system. Every day. And it’s pretty wobbly. It’s pretty scary sometimes. It’s I got a lot of thoughts about showing myself to the world exactly as I am. Worrying about how I might be perceived and what I might make that mean to me. What kind of stories might I tell myself about just this little podcast. And it doesn’t matter because we need to remember who we are and remembering who you are; feeling comfortable inside of your own skin, knowing that you are loved, that you will be But that shit gets stirred up quite a lot. So do me a super solid. If you were listening and somebody came to your mind, tell them the truth. Tell them about who they are. Remember for them. Jog the old memory. It’s important that when we are in pain, that we’re reminded that it’s not always gonna be this way. That we’re reminded that we are ourself, a light, and therefore can never succumb to darkness. Roots change, with every choice we make .Until the next time you are loved, you are worthy, and you can achieve anything.

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