Today we have a returning guest, yoga and mindfulness teacher Kate Curzon. 

Yes, friends, she’s just that good.

Kate joined me in the Roots Change Facebook group recently for a talk about yoga. It’s Mental Health Awareness month and it’s something that has greatly supported my own. Also… it’s something many people are curious about but not always curious enough to follow through. 

Why? Because yoga can feel hard.

Honestly, our chat felt like a continuation of our December pod conversation and I realized it absolutely had to be shared. If you didn’t happen to catch part one, it’s episode 39 titled Kids Need Yoga too and it might be fun to listen to it first.

Today, that conversation is coming full circle.

Meet Kate Curzon

Kate is a mid-40s momma of 2 living in North Yorkshire, UK determined to make some BIG changes in her neck of the woods.

She focuses on holistic wellbeing rather than just the physical practice (asana) of yoga and is passionate about making the magic of yoga and the practice of mindfulness accessible to all regardless of age, size, shape, gender, ability, or ethnicity.

Kate has used yoga and meditation in her own life for over 20 years, has been teaching kids across her area of the UK for a few, and now offering beginners yoga to adults too! 

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