If you are stuck or struggling and thinking of giving in because pushing through is just too much, take a deep breath and giant step back. 

Nothing has gone wrong here. You’re being reminded that you’re a human.

When going after a goal, breaking a habit, building a habit, chasing a dream, or creating ANY change for ourselves we will be challenge. A lot. Like a lot, a lot.  

Here’s the math: Desire to change + Action = Challenge. 

Unfortunately for a lot of us, our default when challenged a little too long or a little too much, is to do one of two things. We give up or grin and bare it.  Sounds painful because it is. Today I’m inviting you to explore a third option. I’m not saying it will be easy should you decide to try it out but I guarantee this, the “off the beaten path” route I want to talk about is totally worth it. 

So, unclench those fists and get let’s into it.

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