You know that crazy thing we do every week on this podcast where we talk about what’s possible and we start to build new beliefs, creating what we crave, living an empowered life that we love?  

Well, today’s guest is doing exactly that and I can’t wait to introduce her!  I met Stephanie Rose in the fall of 2019 at a local coffee house and we fast became friends. She’s a fellow soul-led entrepreneur who helps moms remember their magic and do more of what lights them up. I mean… how wonderful is that!? I recently purchased one of her newest tools and KNEW as soon as I opened it up, that I had to have her on to talk about it! 

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Meet Today's Guest

Stephanie Rose empowers moms to remember their magic and live a life that lights them up through mindset shifts, easy to try tips and tools and giving themselves the permission they only think they need to change their lives.  She shares simple ways to find the time to do more of what you love and reframe the way you live on her blog. 

You can connect with Stephanie in these places ⬇⬇⬇

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