How do you cope when triggered?

If you’re anything like me, sometimes not so well… Emotional triggers can sneak up and bite you in the butt when you least expect it. And it doesn’t feel good. 

In today’s episode we’re diving into an area I don’t hear a whole lot of talk about, emotional triggers. This topic is too important to not talk about and it almost seems taboo. Well, we’re going there. They hold a lot of power, especially when they’re attached to trauma.

A few nuggets to reflect on…

  • I define Emotional or  Trauma Triggers as whatever unexpectedly ignites a highly emotional reaction in you, and usually puts you into an undesirable emotional state. 
  • Left unchecked, they can lead to self-sabotage, impact relationships, and impact your overall emotional wellness.
  • If you’re working on recognizing yours, be mindful of physical cues or sudden & drastic changes in mood.
  • Acknowledge yours triggers but maybe hold off on responding or reacting to them in the moment. 
  • Go to self-care when you’re struggling to re-center or find calm.

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