If you’re not thinking about the questions you ask, that’s about to change. 

Today I’m joined by the self-proclaimed  Jill of all trades, Laura Stewart. As a freelance copywriter that helps businesses find their story, she knows the importance of a good line of questions.  What we ask or don’t ask often leads to completely different results. And I’m not just talking about the ones we ask of other people, some of the most powerful questions are those we ask of ourselves. So tune in to today’s episode and learn how to ask better ones.

Hi, I'm Laura!


I’m from Portland, Oregon, but I’m not too weird (“Keep Portland Weird” is the city’s mantra) and I’m not in a cult (thank you Netflix’s documentary Wild Wild Country).

I’ve been a Jill-of-all-trades for years by dabbling in TV programming, TV production, film photography, website mapping, retail, making and serving expert latte art, interviewing and photographing strangers on the street (nonprofit starters, tree planters, giant pumpkin carvers, teachers, cattle farmers, woodworkers, etc.), photographing weddings, creating videos from the latest volcanic scientific experiments, and traveling to Paris – alone. But, I have to say my favorite part about all of my work is asking people about their passions and inspiring them to chase their dreams.

Words hold the power to deny, imply, implore, and explore. I am a writer to my core. I started my business, SplitSpark LLC, with this in mind. My freelance work quickly drew me to start SplitSpark LLC as a way to help businesses capture and share their stories.

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