Today I’m diving into my LEAST favorite topic. Money. And there’s a good reason I don’t love focusing my energy on it.

It’s because I’m in the process of building a better mindset around it.  A mindset that doesn’t lead to me, self-sabotaging my results. If the topic of money is something you avoid like the plague, f you feel tense just thinking about it, this is an episode you don’t want to skip over. I’m speaking from my experience and directly from my heart.

Ready for those mentions? GRAB THEM ALL

Just to be clear, I’m an affiliate of NO ONE. I just really have found a lot of value in the people I mentioned to follow. I’ve only just received the books I talk about so I guess we will find out how I feel soon! But worth taking a look at.

  • Here’s why you want to tune into what Brooke Castillo is sharing with the world: Because it will change your life if you let it. I let it and it shows in the results I’ve gotten over the last 4ish years. Listen to The Life Coach School Podcast here! 
  • If you’re a personal or business coach that resonated with this episode, stop what you are doing and go check out Stacy Boehman immediately. 2K for 2K or her ridiculously amazing pod. Absorb THE GOODNESS Here.
  • AND these are the author’s books I’m reading that I mentioned. Kate Northrup and David Bach.

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