Have we over-complicated this whole Self-Care thing?

I’m thinking maybe… As a woman who has gone from not really knowing what self-care practices were, to a plan to a plan she loves, I want to share some simple ways I’ve implemented self-care into my life in a way that felt natural and fluid.

I look at self-care like this: Giving my mind, body, and spirit what she needs to be at her best, to feel her best, and give her best. And it doesn’t have to be hard.

In today’s episode settle into the idea that self-care can be as simple as doing the things you love, that feels good, and fuel you – on purpose.

A few nuggets to reflect on…

  • A solid Self-Care plan is you taking proactive measures, to be well
  • Your plan will consist of things you ALL READY LOVE
  • It requires daily intention or you end up with self-care intervention
  • Your plan will evolve as you 

Want that course?

I told you this doesn’t have to be hard and I’m making it even easier. Click below to grab the Free Self-Care Simplified, a 4-day Email Mini-Course designed to help you create a plan you actually can’t wait to practice.

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