Sometimes when what could be going right, isn’t what we feel is a whole lot of frustrated.

As a recovering “I’ll just do it myself”er’ I know all about feeling frustrated. Oh, you know my type. We go back over your work, watch you from the other room and often just take over.

Yikes right?

The problem isn’t actually other people. The problem is we don’t like giving up control and think if we had it, it would turn out different which is laughable, to say the least.

This type of mindset doesn’t’ work. Not if you want a joyful human experience anyways.

Learning to expect less from others and more from myself has been a bit of a learning curve but I am absolutely doing my best. This episode is all about working through how it feels to be disappointed, frustrated, or even angry when we can’t control the outcomes in a  healthy, helpful way.

By using our tools – aka, going to a little self-care.

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