Do you think about the type of day you want to have, or do you find yourself just accepting the day you get?

As much as I hope everyone just answered that with a hell yes I think about the day I want to have and even better, I plan it... I know it’s not the case for many of us. I included for a long, long time. If you aren’t planning the type of day that you want and then doing whatever is within your personal power to make it happen, you’re playing a dangerous game and today’s episode is one you’re going to want to listen to.

I’m sharing why and how to have a day on purpose. 

About those mentions...

I put together a few journalling prompts for those multi-taskers out there who still want to take action towards what’s been shared today. Let me know if it helps and if you follow through and have a day on purpose – SHARE SHARE SHARE. I definitely want to hear all about it. 

This is where change starts. By getting clear about what we can control or have power over in our life, we begin to hold ourselves accountable to it automatically. You can’t unknow what you now know. the types of things you might want to list might be what you eat, what time you wake up, you’re activities, how long you’re on social, where you work, and so on. But I’m going to offer this. You also have power over how you feel (mind/body/spirit), your actions, and your results through you’re awareness and responsibility for your thoughts. 

  • How do you want to feel
  • What do you want to accomplish
  • What do you want to experience


This might be the trickiest part for you if you’ve never considered how you actually influence you’re everyday life. So dig deep and do the best you can. We know more than we know we know. And if you want to build of this, I’ve got a free resource that can help you develop this further. Grab it here

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