We can feel bad about what we didn't achieve, or celebrate what we did.

Sounds easy enough does it? Sadly, oftentimes we don’t do the common sense thing and tend to focus on the lack. Myself included.

Bad habits die hard, what can I say… its the truth.

I’ve got good news though. It doesn’t have to be this way. We get to choose what we focus on and when we do, we feel a whole hell of a lot different. It’s easy to get caught up in the coulda, shoulda’, and didn’t do it(s)…  that slick stinker got me too but just for a hot second.

If you’ve been feeling less than ecstatic about what you did or didn’t accomplish this year, let’s shut that shit down, right now. It’s what you did accomplish and what you learned in the process that matters most. But it’s going to require you to actually reflect and NOT assume the worst. 

Take the next EIGHT minutes and tune into the very last episode of Roots Change in 2021 and then – DIG DEEP and CELEBRATE.

Because yeah… you did all that! 

25 Best Year Yet Resolutions that will bring you more joy!

I wanted to do something special for all those resolution setters out there! Somethings we can set our minds to that won’t leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or sweaty! Leave that to those big audacious goals. 

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25 Best Year Yet Resolutions

Are your New Years Resolutions lacking luster or just frankly feel a bit boring? Then simply choose a few that will bring more joy in 2022!

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