I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to be honest with yourself when you answer.

Are you toning down what you want to make it more achievable?  What about more believable?

I think this happens for a plethora of good-sounding reasons but if you’re guilty of communicating watered-down desires to yourself or others, you know it’s not what you REALLY want. 

This is where those nasty “this is as good as it get’s” roots start to form and dang are they rotten.

We can’t trick ourselves into believing that we want less from ourselves or others when we want more. When we try our wellness and quality of life will suffer. We will suffer. That’s why being true to self is so important. 

In today’s episode, I expose one of my stank roots… masking what I like and hope to receive thinking I’m doing a bang-up job protecting myself from the big D-word.



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