What does power feel like to you? What does it even mean to have power?

We can define power in a lot of different ways but to me, it all comes down to personal freedoms. How I feel, what I do, how I show up, and even how I experience life is by my design. I hold the power because I have the power of personal choice. For me it basically all comes down to mindset, self-belief,  and authenticity. 

Stay with me. 

In today’s episode, we get to hear what having power means to someone who has had a pretty significant influence on my life in a really positive way. Amanda Schoefield is a friend, co-worker and a woman dedicated to inspiring women to fix each other’s crowns instead of knocking em off their head. Even more importantly, straightening your own and living and living an empowered life YOU love. Something I can support fully. Enjoy!

Check out Amanda's Facebook Group, Crown UP!

One thing you’re in control over is the community you surround yourself with. If you’re a woman looking to connect with other strong independent woman, this is nice place to find them! Learn more here. 

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