Do you ever regret your past or wish it could have been different?


If you do, how do imagine your life would be today? Who would YOU be…where would you be? 

No matter where we’ve been or where we are right now, our future can be as bright as we believe it can be.

In today’s episode, Duquesa Dean shares her story of transformation. From a young woman who found herself contemplating life on her bathroom floor to a 4x author, coach, and motivational speaker;  Duquesa is showing women how to take responsibility for their life, take back their power, and fuel their future through education and healing.

Psst… here are those mentions!

  • Learn more about Duquesa Dean and all the ways to work and learn from her by visiting her website.  
  • Check out the Create Your Success Blueprint here. https://duquesadean.com/index.php/events/create-your-success-blueprint-course
  • Grab the latest issue of the The Evolving Woman Magazine.

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