You ever get so deep into a hole you can’t see your way out?

Well, I definitely have. I’ve sunk so deep I stayed in abusive relationships, settled for scraps, and gave up on any dreams I might have had. But the truth is, you don’t have to stay down. There is no hole too deep. Every breath is an opportunity towards your way out. Maybe it’s just one decision away. 

In this episode, we get to learn firsthand how Dennel Woller got out of hers.  

She does a pretty good job of painting the picture but there are some pieces of her story she didn’t share in the podcast I think you ought to know while listening. For starters, she was raised in a tiny town in Alaska, which included living in a tent for 3 months while her dad finished the cabin in the woods they would live in for several months… A cabin with an outhouse & no running water or electricity. 

And oh yeah, her schooling… it began in that tent.  

 So when Dennel shares with us, know that the Alaskan spirit –  the survivalist’s mentality that runs deep and was instilled at a very early age, has helped her keep going when she felt like giving up. I personally think that all of us have pieces of our story that help us do the same. 

Tune and hear more about her journey and how she’s used it to inspire and empower women of faith to lead passionate and purposeful lives. 

Psst… here are those mentions!

Dennel Woller isn’t just an overcomer. She’s a beacon of light and CEO & Founder of Coffee As you Are.

  • You can learn more about Coffee As You Are by visiting the website at https://coffeeasyouare.com .  Be sure to check out her latest events or retreats. 
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Meet Dennel Woller
I love that I have a varied background of Christian churches because there’s something wonderful to be found in everyone. I was born in Wisconsin, but my parents moved to Alaska when I was 3 so I grew up there and consider myself an Alaskan! But, Wisconsin called me back for college, where I graduated with a double major in English and History from the University of Wisconsin. Go Badgers!

After graduating with a degree that I enjoyed getting but wasn’t worth much on its own, God opened doors for me to move to Southern Oregon to become the Coordinator of Youth and Campus Ministry at Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church. I started teaching and leading teens and college students closer to God through their Catholic faith just three years after I was confirmed myself!

Love a good view! (Summer 2020)
Life happened and a variety of things led to my leaving the job after six and a half years to move back to Wisconsin. That’s a whole other story, but the short version is that I ended up unemployed, in a serious major depression (and super high anxiety – they’re bff’s after all!), living with my mom. Through therapy and a lot of meds, I started working part time at Starbucks (I love coffee!!!!) and was able to transfer to a store in Oregon after about 7 months. I was back where it felt home and I loved the no-snow, no-frozen-temps “winters”.

I’m finally stepping out of the boat and building this business to be able to mentor and encourage and disciple women in faith after years of doing it just as part of who I was – now it’s time to get serious and really use these gifts God’s given me to strengthen the world by supporting women of faith.

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