Did you know that you’re body is the greatest guidance system you have at your disposal?

In today’s episode Petya James, a mind-body expect and spiritual mentor shares with us how she’s used her own body’s wisdom to move through life’s challenges and shares her wisdom with us so that we can begin to do the same.  And to my delight, I got to choose the topic! So today’s we’re digging into some things. Including money.

Nuggets to reflect on…

  •  Understanding what our body telling us and being guided by it, is a skill that starts with a willingness & desire to explore what we’re holding in it.
  • Our body help us process our right here right now. 
  • What makes us so unique is our expression  and our body is our instrument of that expression.
  • Paying attention to our body and recognizing when something “new” shows up, it’s important to practice self-awareness and notice what is going on in your life, in your mind, or around you. That is one way our body’s guides us. 

Psst... here are those mentions!

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