What are you doing to process your day?

Your mind needs rest as much as you do. When it’s racing how do you feel? Probably not great.

If you haven’t built a practice around taking time to process each day, don’t know why that matters, or what it means – I got you. In today’s episode, you’ll come away with a clear understanding of what this is, why it matters, and two super simple ways to put it into practice without feeling overwhelmed. 

Nuggets to reflect on…

  • The simple act of writing down thoughts leads to processing and takes very little effort or time.
  • If you’re often feeling overwhelmed, anxious or find your mind is racing when you lay your head to sleep, acknowledging thoughts and physically writing them out without judgment often helps. 
  • Suppressed or ignored thoughts reoccur and are amplified. 
  • Taking time to process daily is GOOD FOR YOU. Listen to find out why. 

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