What does failure actually mean?

For me, failure is not trying or giving up when I know in my gut, it’s too soon. 

The truth is, we can make our hopes and expectations not being met mean a whole lot of different things.  It doesn’t have to feel bad. In today’s episode I’m joined by Brekke Wagner, founder of Sustainable Prepping. She’s the first of what I hope to be many podcast guests and is here to share a piece of her growth journey and the message couldn’t be more clear. 

Just because it didn’t work out how you hoped on the first try, doesn’t mean it’s over.

Not only is Brekke sharing a piece of her growth journey, she’s sharing a piece of her passion. You are about to get a lesson in what sustainable prepping is so that you can see past the cringe and feel confident and secure.

 Yup… prepping for the “what if’s” isn’t weird, it’s empowering. 

Nuggets to reflect on…

  • Before you say you failed, define what failure actually means to you and choose the words you use, wisely. Thoughts become things.
  • When you like a challenge, expect one and find joy in the journey. This applies to basically everything. Ask and you are provided for. Just maybe not always how you expect.
  • Perceptions can be changed. Be open to discovering something new about what you think you know. 

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Psst, here are those mentions!

I recently purchased her Food Storage in a Weekend course and cannot wait to share my thoughts on social! Listen, we do what we can until we know better. Well, I know better now. When it comes to releasing myself from unnecessary worry, SIGN ME UP. 

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