Did you know there are people out there going after similar things as you? Not on the same journey… but they get it. 

In this episode I’m bringing together two amazing women that have been a support system since the begining of my entrepreneurial journey . The three of us have experienced a lot of ups and downs already and  thought hey… why not talk about what we’ve learned and how this has helped.


Here’s why that’s important… According to a ton of articles (none of which I could find actual research case studies) 90% of e-commerce/online businesses fail in the first year. I found it’s not much better when we look at the bigger picture either because according to Forbes, 9 out of 10 of ALL start-ups fail in the first 5 years. 

Okay, let’s just be honest. Those statistics SUCK. Here’s the real kicker, I think the numbers even higher.  As a sole proprietor myself and having made zero revenue in 2020 I didn’t even need to report I had a business. I could have given up and just chalked the whole thing up as a pipe dream but I didn’t do that. I reported my expenses, filed my taxes and told the research study people I AM NOT GOING TO BE A STATISTIC.

And having these ladies as accountability partners definitely helped me do that. 


Nuggets to reflect on...

  • Patience keeps you grounded and LESS LIKELY to give up. At least that’s my opinion and experience. Somethings take time. Don’t worry… the universe will catch up.
  • When you’re working towards goals, don’t forget about taking care of yourself! Listen to cues your body gives you and go to your self-care plan EVERY DAY.
  • Consistency is KEY. This goes hand in hand with the patience piece. Beautiful things take time but it doesn’t mean its not growing into what you want it to be. 
  • Talk about your dreams, goals and whatever your working to create. It helps the magic of making it happen and I think also keeps you accountable and even motivated.
  • Find your people, please?! They are out there and we’re stronger in numbers.

Psst... Here are my mentions

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