Roots Change Community

I have spent the last two years encouraging folks to build the life they want while dreaming of a place where growth-minded folks come together to create meaningful change and live that life right now. A place where people uplift, encourage, have fun, explore, get curious, support, and learn from each other. 

A place where we feel safe and seen.

This is something I crave myself, what my coaching clients loved most about our time together, and what I see the world needs more of.  So in the spirit of BEING the change we want to see, I’m holding the space for us to build it.



Here’s few things that will make our space special when we open up membership:  
When you join Roots Change Community, you are accessing more than just a membership. Roots Change is a place to grow alongside other motivated people. This is a space to uplift and empower each other.

About me.

Hello, there future friend (how presumptuous of me). I’m Amy, a  mom of 4 and soul-led spicey life & wellness coach on a mission to help as many people as possible go from this is as good as it gets to living an empowered life they love. I’m supporting that mission in real time.

I’ve started this community because I know how challenging (and lonely) the journey of personal change can be, especially if you don’t believe you are capable or deserving of a life that feels good.  When I first set out to see what happens when I actually try, I was not sure what to expect. I was full of self-doubt, RIDDLED with shame, had a terrible self-concept, hadn’t taken any steps towards healing my traumas and just tried a bunch of things suggested by others.

If I read it in a book or saw it was suggested on a YouTube video I tried it. I learned right away that I was the problem. That my self-concept was very damaged by some abuse from my past and healing so that I could move forward became evident.

The process has been BrutIFUL. Brutal and beautiful.

What I noticed was missing in the self-help or personal development industry, what I longed for myself, was actual community.  I live by this: Be the change you want to see. Becoming a coach, a podcast host and founding Roots Change Community is me trying.

Do you want to be a part of this?

If this sounds like a place you want to be, you’re probably right. The fact that you’re still reading this over, leads me to believe you’re interested. So why not try something new? 

There’s a reason we aren’t connecting on this level over social media. The mere act of choosing an app or a page where you’re less prone to distraction takes a different action. So I guess you could say by signing up and then signing in, you are already creating change. And that is not something your brain allows us to easily do. 

The investment starts at $333 annually / $28 per month.

Join the wait list below and be notified when we open up for enrollment.