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I’m dedicated to helping women move forward in their personal journey by encouraging dreams, embracing their authentic self, and developing a foundation that supports sustainable growth.

Check out the different ways you can finally get the results you want.

Over the last 10 or so years, I’ve completely uprooted what wasn’t meant to stay and replaced it with what was. My dreams, self-worth, confidence, and more – all of it renewed. By pulling up toxic roots and allowing regrowth to occur under my watch and rule – my world has been flipped upside down in all the right ways. 

 I’m showing up in your life right now to help you uncover all the ways you can do that for yourself.

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Cute name and all but there is NOTHING mini about This. Just less time per week spent in a session than the coaching programs.

Ready to get down to business? 

Meeting with a personal life coach on a weekly basis, even if only for a short time has some solid benefits. Don’t take my word for it, ask around. 

I rarely hear someone say, “coaching is the absolute worst”. I’d like to say never, but let’s be real – there are definitely people who should not be coaching. We find that in every field. So, by all means shop around.  When someone signs up to work with me, I want them to be busting the seams with excitement. 

PRO TIP: If you’re not sure who you want to work with contact 2-3 coaches and schedule a free discovery call and then choose the one who feels right to you.

This is DEFINITELY the right plan for you if…

  • Aren’t completely sure yet about your next chapter
  • Ready to dig deep (aka don’t beat around the bush, let’s get to work)
  • Have recently completed a coaching program
  • Going through a transition
  • A Bazillion other reasons 💖

That’s me, so what do I get?

I thought you’d never ask. Aside from some serious clarity, accountability, support, partnership, encouragement, growth opportunities, and feedback or advice when you really need it…this.

  • High-value weekly, 30-minute coaching sessions
  • Post-coaching growth challenges and call to actions
  • Individualized plan designed specifically for you
  • Accountability, ongoing support, and encouragement.

And if you’re looking for the crème de la crème, this pairs quite nicely with Coach Convo and saves you some dough

Monthly Offers

 Whether you’re finding yourself stuck and not sure what next steps to take or just feel like somethings off and what wonder what else there might be.

Breakthrough is a session or two away.

An all-inclusive, all hands on deck approach to coaching to help you see progress fast.

  • 6-12 week programs (check current enrollment)
  • Weekly 1-hour online coaching sessions
  • Session Wrap-ups that summarize our time, highlight major break through’s and celebrates your success
  • Personalized call to actions and challenges
  • A unique road map built together with clear milestones to get you to the next BIG thing along the journey.

Want more support? coach engagement? connection? flexibility? daily contact?

Have you ever WISHED you had a go-to for perspective, guidance, support, or even celebration? Basically all things that you have picking up your phone wanting to press dial but you don’t. You’re not sure who to reach out to, if they have time, or honestly – if they even care. Well, I do and am offering a flexible style of coaching specifically designed for you. 

Your progress is my priority. The Coach Convo plan was designed to help me keep that commitment. It’s really a simple way to securely coach on the go, at a price that doesn’t hurt.

Looking for something long term?

How does 60-minute online coaching sessions sound?

This 6-month commitment comes with Coach Convo and is only available after 2 months of weekly Minis’s or at the tail end of any coaching program.

Let’s call it maintainance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life coach: Making this as short and sweet as possible: A life coach is a professional whose main objective is to empower you in various area’s so that you see progress and obtain results you otherwise have struggled obtaining.  Basically, my job is to help you become clear on where you are in your journey, determine what specific goals you’re working towards, and create the path that will help you get there with the most success.

A coach provides unbiased support, guidance, tools, accountability, techniques, and calls to action that promote real progress.

This is made possible only through one’s commitment to personal/professional development.

Anyone who is struggling to obtain their desired results and see’s the value in being supported by someone who has. Below are a few examples:

  • Transition – life or professional
  • Personal or Professional Goals
  • Self-development
  • Awareness
  • One’s desire to find balance – Mind, body, and soul.

And so many more!

 A life coach doesn’t counsel you in the same ways as a therapist would. A coach might challenge you to become more self-aware and refer you to another type of professional should it support your growth. A coach is very much focused on your present self and future.

Most people become a life coach because they have a calling on their heart to help others achieve results in their life and want to share how they have made this happen for themselves. Below are some steps a person can take to become a professional life coach. 

Because coaching is not regulated, certification is not required. However, you will find many coaches have earned certification. All though that does prove they are a quality coach, it does show they are invested in some type of professional training and perhaps continued education on a consistent basis.

A consultant is hired because they have the answers and are expected to provide them, a coach is hired to empower and support you as you look inward to find the answers and results for yourself.

Both coach and consultant are a valuable resource but a coach use strategies and techniques to pull to the surface truths and understandings that can be used across every area of life.

Absolutely I do. One thing that drives me wild (not the fun kind) when it comes to the personal development space is for so many, 1:1 support just isn’t available. I’m talking to my sisters balling on a budget right now. I’ve been there and developed my coaching plans with you in mind. If you aren’t finding a plan that works for you right now, schedule a discovery call and mention “scholarship”. I know first hand how difficult it can be to invest in your personal growth when you’re supporting a family or on a serious budget. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and I’m here to help.

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