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How to set goals you WANT to go after

Well, it’s happened. I’m getting bombarded with all the 2021 planning tools. Delete, delete, de – wait…this one I might like. SAVE. Before you get sucked in by the flashy headlines and intricate planning products, do what you can to avoid the whole deer in the headlights look. There’s a reason you struggled to achieve

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Stop Talking Smack: 3 Step Simple Affirmation Practice

  Are you talking smack when no one’s listening?    I’m FRESH out of a coaching session and on fire. Stop talking smack about my sisters! I’m talking about you, talking bad about you.  Yes, you. Remember that time you went to grab that double stuffed goodness from the cookie aisle and put them back

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Be the “something”.

This past weekend I had two of my girlfriends over for dinner. You can’t see my face right now but its BEAMING. I could literally go into four separate AND complete blog posts based on this sentence alone. It’s that significant and hopefully after reading this you understand why. But first, let me take this

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What You Should Know About This Coach

Holy smokes this is my fourth blog post and I have not properly introduced myself! If you have been taking the time to read my posts, THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with a complete stranger you know nothing about. You are AMAZING. I’m your life coach, Amy. If you asked

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Goals, Safety Nets and Confidence

Last time you heard from me I mentioned walking is a tool I’ve learned to use when I’m triggered.  Last weekend, I remembered WHY I love walking. Have you ever opened the ole browser and starting typing: how to be confident, how to look confident, how to build confidence? No, just me? Have you ever

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