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Fight Imposture from the Inside

I just sent someone my very first guest blog post. The topic: Imposture Syndrome. Take a wild guess what I have a mild case of right now! You guessed it, queue the dramatic music… Here’s what I’m up against: What if this isn’t what they wanted, what if they don’t like it, what if they

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5 Steps to a Routine that doesn’t Suck

A few years ago I got serious about my morning routine. I could kick myself for waiting so long because routines are really helpful when it comes to personal growth and development. Kind of feel like I heard that before and was a bit late to the party. Maybe you were too… If you’ve been

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The BEST Kind of Influence

  I honestly think I am fabulous and hope you can say that about yourself because I know you are. But have you ever wondered how you got that way? It’s super easy to point out all the flaws and crappy roots but the entire tree wasn’t rotten when I started to grow the new

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A bad day doesn’t mean abandon ship

Feeling like a failure because your “stuck” and not making the progress you hoped for? Take a deep breath and exhale. I have stood in your shoes and know how it feels to be overwhelmed and defeated. You start off determined and the momentum starts building. You feel confident and strong, the birds are singing

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