Amy Linsmeyer
Certified Life Coach

This the part I tell you all the reasons you’re hitting the jack pot finding me in your search for a Life Coach, right? Honestly, if you’re looking for a picture-perfect polished trophy type, I am not your coach, but this is my power pose and I stand in it authentically.

My life, like yours, has not been easy. My life, like yours, comes with some horror stories both circumstantial and frankly poor decision making. Becoming your coach did not just happen by accident. Who I show up as today is completely on purpose and took my becoming extremely self-aware, getting really good at being uncomfortable, intentional action, and uprooting some really stank roots to make room for new growth and good fruit.

So, I know how you feel sometimes and how overwhelming self-discovery can be. I know some days you’re killing it and then something happens and BAM you’re right back in that place where you feel worthless and completely alone. Life is beautiful, not easy. Turning audacious dreams into achievable goals is hard. You can do hard things; you have proven this time and time again. You were built for this and you deserve the best parts of everything this life has to offer.

I work with ambitious women to create the life and balance they desire and deserve at every level; therefore am honored to guide, support, challenge, and cheer for you every step of the way.

My Passion, Purpose and Promise

Growth. Let me define what I mean by growth before I continue so there are no misconceptions. This daring, 6 letter noun is one of my most favorite, appreciated words and truly my passion and reason for showing up for you right now.

Merriam-Webster defines growth as progressive development, increase or expansion, evolution, a stage in a process.  My gosh, GROWTH is transformational and far to often I see people just like you not giving themselves credit for what they have overcome, to become. Growth to me is like living and breathing for purpose, on purpose – despite where you have been, so that you can get to where your meant to be.

Well, you just witnessed my passion first-hand and I mean it with every fiber of my being:     you are my passion. Providing you with tools, truths and support as you dream deeper and push further to become the best, most authentic version of yourself.

Something super fantastic to share~ I've recently co-authored a book. It's a resource for women that are READY TO RISE. You can find it on Amazon and comes digital OR paperback...as a WORKBOOK!