Hi, I'm Amy!

Just like you, I wear a lot of hats.  I’m a life coach, personal growth mentor, podcaster, writer, partner to an incredible mister, and mom to four fabulous humans. I know about all the challenges we face in our transformational journey to an empowered life we love because I’ve lived it myself.

Like a lot of people, my past isn’t an easy story tell. A good chunk sounds a lot like a horror story mixed with a little Life Time Movie with sprinkles of Hallmark here in there. My past is riddled with abuse related trauma, shitty circumstance and some seriously poor decision making on my part. 

Becoming a life coach wasn’t something that just “happened”. It was a personal decision to take all that I’ve grown through and learned along the way and help women like me do the same. Who I show up as today is 100% on purpose. It took becoming extremely self-aware, getting real good at being uncomfortable,  intentional action, and uprooting some stank ass roots to make room for regrowth. 

So yeah… I know how you probably feel sometimes and just how overwhelming personal transformation can feel. I know how trauma can affect the type of life you think you deserve or can achieve. I know even a healed heart has it’s day. I know some days you’re killing it and then something happens and BAM. You’re right back in that place where you feel worthless and completely alone. 

Life is beautiful, not easy. 

Turning audacious dreams into achievable goals is hard. But listen to me, you can do hard things. You’ve proven this time and time again! You were built for this and you deserve the best parts of everything life has to offer. 

It’s time to unstuck yourself and create it. 

My passion & Promise

Do you know why change isn’t comfortable?

Because we are literally hardwired to resist it. This isn’t my opinion, your brain is protective to a fault. So no wonder you have wanted to experience change but haven’t actually figured out how to make it stick. Your brain was designed to keep you safe and sound. It goes into high alert when you set out to do the things that cause change to happen. 

So, oftentimes we stay right where we are, even when it’s painful.

As a life coach who has forged her own post-traumatic growth and personal transformation, I know firsthand how out of reach what you want may seem. I promise it is not.

I challenge my clients to break through their limiting beliefs, look at their thoughts in new ways, and take the actions that cause them to grow

Let me define what I mean by growth before I continue so there are no misconceptions. This daring, 6 letter noun is one of my most favorite, appreciated words and truly my passion and reason for showing up for you right now.

Merriam-Webster defines growth as a progressive development, increase or expansion, evolution, a stage in a process.  My gosh, growth is transformational, and far too often I see people just like you not giving themselves credit for what they have overcome to become who they show as today.

Growth to me is like living and breathing for purpose, on purpose – despite where you have been so that you can get to where you are meant to be.

That friend is why I  promise to challenge you.  So when working with me, expect to be nudged in ways that help you take action and rattles your cage open so that you can free yourself from whatever has been holding you back. 

No False Promises.

My Mission

I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible go from “this is as it good as gets” to living an empowered life they love.


My straightforward hold nothing back approach to coaching is unique, impactful, and designed to help you get the results you want most for yourself QUICK. How? By making small shifts first. While you do the work making change requires you’re already going to feel better about yourself and your life. Regardless of the life circumstance your in.

And that is a game freaking changer.

You do not have to wait. There is no “but first” or “someday”. Change starts now and it feels really good. 

If you’re interested in experiencing the power of coaching, let me help you get results.