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A Reminder from a Christmas Tree


Do you ever find yourself struck by inspiration?

As far as I know inspiration and intuition are besties and they know something I don’t – so best I listen when it strikes.

This morning was no different. Here it was, 20 minutes before I needed to punch into work and I’m writing up a blog post because something in me, thinks someone out there needs to hear this message.

Maybe just maybe, this will reach the right ear.

Over the weekend my family headed to a local tree farm to find this years Christmas Tree. My gosh, it was a breath of fresh air. I mean, we were masked up ‘2020 style’ but you catch my drift. It was a sense of normalcy after a Thanksgiving away from any extended family – for the first time EVER.

So, this trip to the Cider Mill / Christmas Tree Farm was a welcomed treat.

We browsed the Christmas Shop, had fresh hot apple cider, cinnamon donuts & candied almonds. No sugar was spared. And of course we grabbed a saw, hopped on the hayride, and headed out to the area we’d be choosing our Christmas Tree from.

It was a WONDEFUL way to spend our Saturday morning.

The next day I posted some pictures of the event on Instagram. That’s what I’m calling getting the tree we chose into the house and up (she’s still not decorated). An event. 

There’s just no doubt about it, this is by far our largest, most beautiful tree to date. And that’s not 2020 talking. “She’s a whopper” as someone responding to my Instagram put it. And what a true statement that was. 

It was actually that comment that has me all fired up today. My response…

Next to all the other tree’s she didn’t look so big.

As soon I typed that up it hit me.

Holy sheet cake that statement is true for EACH OF US.

The tree we chose looked similar to all the other tree’s around it. It wasn’t that we were incredibly drawn to this particular tree, it caught our eye and is BEAUTIFUL – but so did 20 others. Honestly, they were ALL beautiful, but a choice had to be made.

So, after casing hundreds of beautiful Scotch Pines I used my mom power and made the decision. “This tree is PERFECT”. And just like we chose our Christmas Tree.

It wasn’t until we untied her from the Highlander and attempted to put it up that we realized just how beautiful and mighty she was!  

Every single one of us were surprised. 

I mean…when she was around all the other tree’s, she looked smaller. Like all the ones we’d had before. But once we brought it home and it was separated from all the others, that’s when she really shined.

Isn’t that the truth for each of us?

We live in a world amongst 7.6 billion others. A very large group of unique individuals that when grouped together – give off an illusion of appearing pretty average or similar.

And yet NO ONE is just like you. They couldn’t be even if they tried.

So, if today you find yourself comparing yourself to others on what looks like a similar journey as yours – stop. Be proud for where you are today in your own. 

Because you my friend, are more special, unique & beautiful than the naked eye can even see. And just like our family Christmas tree, once your separated from the others, there’s no mistaking your majesty. 

Sometime we just need to be reminded.


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