You might not go after the life you want like you want as if you have something to prove to yourself, but you do have something to prove to yourself, and you are proving it to yourself subconsciously. 

For three years I’ve started January with a daily at-home yoga practice. I’ve looked forward to it. I enjoyed it. I also struggled with it. I hoped that I would stay committed and practice daily, but I didn’t.  I chose not to. 


I kept talking about how much I loved it. How yoga supported my well-being. How I felt when I didn’t spend time on the mat vs when I do, and I went back to it very often. It just hadn’t yet become a daily ritual or habit. 


I’ve suggested yoga to everybody. To friends, family, clients, and yup, to you too if you’ve been listening long. 


So this year when Adriane Mischler offered a 30-day yoga journey for people to practice together, I decided to jump in, both feet first. To become the kind of person that shows up no matter what. That goes to what she knows works., even when her day’s been rough and I make excuses not to. 


And you know what? I noticed somewhere along the way there had been a shift in me. 


On January 31st I cried on the mat because I had proved something to myself.  I am her! I’m the kind of person that shows up for herself daily. That accomplishes her goals. That rises to the challenge. That prioritizes her well-being.  That allows change or transformation to take as long as it takes but doesn’t give it up. I felt proud and empowered and what that means for who I am becoming is EVERY FUCKING THING. 


So today, I want you to do something for yourself. If you’ve got 15 minutes listen to this  episode and then take me up on that invitation. Ask yourself the questions and savor what you’ve already proven to yourself.  And SHARE. 

You might be further along than you know.

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