Today’s episode is an invitation & short guide into the most fascinating, impactful, and surprising exploration you could ever go on. There’s more to learn than possible in just one lifetime. It’s the study of oneself.

I’ve been in a self-study since February of 2018, but started looking through a more ‘magnified’ lens about 3 years ago. What I’ve uncovered so far, absolutely astounding. I am WEIRD, wonderfully made, and wired in the most interesting ways.    We all are.  Sometimes I’m a little turned off by what’s discovered but you know what they say about bringing what is in darkness to light, right? 

Tools for your journey.

  • Check out what’s coming this March and if it feels like a hell yes, get on the Roots Change Community waitlist. It’s a space to learn from, encourage, and empower. A place to grow alongside others.
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