What if the decisions that feel the hardest to make, are the ones that are telling us the most?

I might not have that answer but I do know this, indecision & procrastination is always telling us something and for the last few weeks, it’s been asking me to listen. 

This year is already feeling really big and kind of heavy over here at Camp Coach Amy. So heavy I kind of felt like I shouldn’t really move forward on anything. Every time I thought about doing something important, something in me kind of froze up. And I felt like this when I thought about ANY AND ALL life decisions, business and personal. 

I gave myself permission to trust what I was hearing about the transit (astrological) was true and what I was experiencing was not to be pushed through or ignored. So… I sat with it. Payed attention to my thoughts and took action when it felt good. 

Fun fact. Immediately after Christmas I started to feel  overwhelmed. BEHIND almost. I’m getting married in June and had been dragging my feet on some smaller decisions. The mister and I decided ahead of time that once we had our main vendors booked, we were putting ALL OTHER BIG DECISIONS on ice until AFTER the Holidays. 

Well, someone forgot to tell the universe that we January 1st is also a holiday because the day after Christmas, the  texts and phone calls from friends and family about lodging, what to wear, and when the invites were going out started. But that felt exciting. LIFE GIVING. I loved getting “these” kind of questions. It was the ones I had for myself, specifically what dress I wanted to buy that really tripped me up. 

Instead of keeping this choas to myself, I reached out to a friend. In the process of talking to them about my difficulties in choosing my dress, I posed a question that stopped me in my tracks and led me straight to the mic for a live demonstration of self-coaching. 

Voila, today’s podcast. 

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