As 2022 comes to a close (and yes, that crept up fast), I’ve been thinking about the things I gave up on or failed at this year

But not at all in a discouraging way what so ever. I’ve been more curious and seeking out deeper understanding then anything. Especially since a recent group coaching call where we shared what we’re going to be focusing on  in the new year.  It turns out I’m not the only one that is re-committing to some of the same exact things as last year. Which led me to more questions. 

When I did I quit on this and why? 

Well, I’ve done some processing over the last few days and determined most of the time, when I fail or give up on something I care about, it’s not really ME to blame. It’s my brain. 

This episode is going to walk you through exactly what I mean that. It’s an invitation to start asking yourself some similar questions and even offers you a solution (Roots Change Community) so that New Year, 2024 does NOT feel like Ground Hogs Day. 


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