You’re about to be introduced to host of Flow Rising Podcast, Megan Anderson who at the age of 38 freed herself from her abusive marriage and has since been using her experience to empower others.

Today’s episode is a surprisingly light-hearted conversation between two women who have gone from  surviving to THRIVING.  We talk about our trauma- healing, wellbeing, relationships, entrepreneurship, triggers, and even what not to say to those still at risk.   As always, the interview covers a lot of area, quick. 

Today's Guest!

In 2022 Megan launched her first podcast Flow Working the Entrepreneurs podcast and fell in love with the platform of podcasting. The first season focused on, you guessed it,  Entrepreneurs! Combining her love of a good chat and knowledge of small businesses her interview style helped others share their stories, entrepreneurial journeys, and tips for running a successful business.

Megan’s current podcast project Flow Rising launched this past October. er life partner. 

This podcast focuses on the entrepreneurial journey through the lens of a domestic violence survivor. With insights from her guests and her own experiences as a survivor, this new podcast is to be filled with stories of passion, purpose, and power. 

When she’s not hosting her own podcast or producing for others, Megan enjoys cooking, gardening, spending time with her two sons and three dogs, and traveling the world with her life partner. 

Here’s where to find her!

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