I coined November Self-Care Season in the Roots Change Facebook group and all month long I was pretty transparent about how it’s transformed my life, my practices and routines. 

 I’ve been learning how to prioritize my well-being for the past 5 years yet, I’m somehow still surprised by all the ways it saves me. I took a road trip over the Thanksgiving Holiday and wasn’t prioritizing my wellbeing how I normally would be. It showed up in my self-talk by Monday big time.

Lack of sleep, very little time in nature, way too much sitting on my ass and pretty much zilch when it comes to mindful eating. Even forgot to pack the supplements..

It took me 48 hours of awareness.
24 hours of ease.
A few tears
And 1 full nights sleep to get my shit together and feel better.

But today I feel like ME

This episode was recorded yesterday live in the Roots Change Facebook group. A day I was NOT my best, or most well self. Its a glimpse into the real life of a wellness warrior AND why it’s self-care season for this girl, FOREVER. 

If after listening you want to learn how to implement your own practices and routines into your life, I’m offering a service now through the end of December called the gift. To learn more, click here

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