As adults, we tell ourselves it’s hard to find friends and nearly impossible to build the meaningful relationships we want most. 

Please for the love of all that is good in the world stop saying that.  You aren’t too old to build the friendships you want. In fact, you are too old to not do exactly that.

This Holiday season had me thinking about what I’m thankful for and today’s guest, my two closest friends in Michigan, came to mind quick. So, I invited them onto the show for a chat. I wanted to show the naysayers that what you want is waiting for you. 

Even friendships.

This episode is a peek into the lives of myself, Amber and Jamie. It’s a feel good show that talks about how we met, what we’ve worked through, what we’re most surprised by this year,  and of course, grateful for right now.  I hope after listening it causes you to think differently about building the friendships you want and  inspires you to take action towards creating that for yourself. 

You deserve a life that feels good and lights you up. It’s up to you to it. 

Special thanks to ALL the folks who support, love, and put up with me. 
Happy Thanksgiving. 

Not sure how to create what you want?

Boy have I been there!

If you’re anything like me, you won’t believe what’s possible until you experience it first hand.  I’ve taken what I’ve noticed has contributed to more joy in the journey the quickest and wrapped it up in pretty paper and a bow and calling it, The Gift. 

It’s a 4 week program that offers coaching, tools to promote a prioritized wellbeing and a community of others working towards the same thing. 

There’s a limited number of spots left, it’s a $100 and if you want to learn ore or sign up. Click below. 


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